The renewable heat incentive Scotland is a government administered heat incentive whereby those living in properties that have renewable energy systems installed can entitle those with renewable energy to a cash incentive. This means that depending on what form of renewable energy is installed the property owners will receive a cash payment each year over the course of seven years. In this guide we will look at what benefits the heat incentive can bring as well as why renewable energy might be a good choice to make

renewable heat incentive Scotland

What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is energy that can be produced from a naturally occurring sourced and then can continue to be supplied from that same source. Some of the most popular forms of renewable energy include : Solar panels ,  Wind farms , Heat pumps and also tidal power. There are a number of different ways in which renewable energy can be produced and each have their own unique advantages as well as disadvantages.  Renewable energy has been around for thousands of years however it has not been harnessed in such a large scale way until the early 21st century.

renewable heat incentive Scotland

Why Is Renewable Energy Important?

There are a number of reasons as to why renewable energy is important. One of the main reasons is of course climate change. Climate change has prompted a change in heart from countries around the world surrounding the way they source materials as well as produce emissions. It is widely accepted that globally the temperature has increased overall partly due to an increase in carbon dioxide emission as well as more pollution overall in the earths atmosphere. This has led to governments introducing schemes such as the renewable heat incentive Scotland which rewards property owners with a cash grant each year for seven years due to them investing in greener renewable technology. The principle behind this is to encourage increasing number of households across the UK to adopt this technology and help to reduce emissions and cut costs.

renewable heat incentive Scotland

What Green Technologies Are Available On The Market

One of the most popular forms of green technology which is available on the market is the ground heat pump. The ground heat pump draws heat from the ground and the water within it. This heat is then transferred within the property and circulated throughout it so that the property is heated. One of the main advantages of this form of renewable energy is that it can heat an entire property and requires little maintenance. Furthermore this form of renewable energy is eligible for the renewable heat incentive Scotland grant. A different form of renewable energy which is equally as efficient is solar panels. Solar panels are amongst some of the best selling and best known forms of renewable energy available within the UK. Solar panels gather power from UV rays generated by the sun and then convert this into electricity. They can pick up UV rays even when the weather is cloudy and overcast and are an excellent investment for households looking to cut their energy bills in rural area.