There are many benefits to installing Commercial AC units in a business. The benefits include comfort and cost savings for your employees and customers. These benefits are especially important because of the warmer temperatures that occur in larger cities . Hot weather can make it uncomfortable for customers and employees alike to work indoors for extended periods of time.

Types Of Commercial Air Conditioning

There are three basic types of commercial air conditioning units on the market. Split AC Systems The most popular commercial air conditioning system is the split hvac system. The split hvac system has its name derived from its main components and how they are set up. The main units include the following components:

A number of split commercial air conditioners employ ductwork that is separated by either an external wall or an interior wall. The ductwork carries cool or warm air throughout the building and then sends it where it is needed by the various different pieces of equipment installed in the building. This allows the AC systems to be more efficient and because no one has to share the ductwork, the amount of cooling or heating that is used in each space is less.

Air Conditioning Systems

Multi-split AC systems employ two different sets of ductwork. The first set of ductwork usually originates in the furnace room. In this case, both air conditioning and the furnace are separated by an exterior wall. This wall may be constructed of insulated materials or brick. Modern multi-split air conditioners use heat exchangers in the rooms that do not require separate ducts.

There are also some commercial spaces that are built upon. In these spaces, the primary components are the furnace, heat exchanger, condenser and the heat distribution unit. When installing a commercial HVAC system, it is important to remember that there should always be a supply of refrigerant gas close by. Without refrigerant, the commercial spaces would become very uncomfortable, even in extremely hot weather. Since most commercial spaces are built with ductwork that has been split into two, there will usually be a nearby supply of refrigerant gas or oil.

Installing The Best Commercial Air Conditioning

Installing a commercial system correctly is crucial for the operation of the machine and can ensure a long life span. Since refrigeration is an essential part of the HVAC process, it should be installed by an experienced HVAC contractor who is familiar with the installation procedures. It is also important to choose a qualified technician who will install the furnace and heat exchanger properly.