Scotland is an attractive country to live in, both for the lifestyle and the scenery. The Scottish highlands include some of the most breathtaking scenery you could ever imagine and the cities include some of the most vibrant nightlife and attractions in the whole of the UK.

This means that no matter what lifestyle you are seeking out, there will be somewhere in Scotland that is perfect for you. Whether it be the vast countryside or cosmopolitan streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland has you covered for everything you could want.

A Good Work/Life Balance

If you have a desire to live in the countryside but want to be close to some of the features of a big city, there are a huge amount of towns or villages which are only a short distance from the major cities. On the other hand, if you belong in a city but need to escape to the countryside every now and then, there are fantastic public transport links meaning that even if you don’t have a car, you can still get away.

During the summer months there is extra daylight, often lasting as long as 11pm! This means that even after you have finished work there is plenty of time left for activities – whether it be a nice long walk or a long island ice tea in your local bar.


The house prices in Scotland are amongst the lowest in the UK, even in cities like Glasgow. Not only that but many consumer goods are often found to be cheaper north of the border. In Scotland you can receive free education, including University, free prescriptions and free healthcare. For many this is a complete luxury. Those who come from the likes of America are baffled by the quality of life and how affordable it is.

Increased Welfare Benefits

The benefits and taxes are fairly generous for people living in Scotland. Many get increased maternity and sick pay, child benefits and state pensions. These are helped to be paid for from national insurance and income tax. Scottish companies offer fantastic vacation schemes, with many rewarding their staff with as many as 28 days holiday pay. Countries such as the USA only offer their staff an average of 2 weeks off a year resulting in a poor work/life balance.

Sport/Leisure Activities

Scotland has such a vast number of sport and leisure activities that would suit people of all ages and tastes. Scotland has everything from nightclubs to museums, swimming pools to recreation centres. Whether you are in a city or small town you will find different activities to take part in. The big cities have many museums, nigh clubs, art exhibitions, shopping and sport centres. Small towns offer a large amount of sporting activities and Scots are famous for their competitive nature. National sports invented by the Scots include golf, rugby, shinty and cycling so it’s no wonder that sports plays a bit part in Scottish lives. One of the most famous leisure attractions in Scotland is Highland Games, throughout the summer you will find these all over the country, each featuring pipe bands, highland dancers and traditional Scottish competitive sports including log tossing!