tarmac contactors hard at work on road resurfacing

Tarmac is one of the most widely used materials in Britain. We use it in our driveways, pavements and on the roads we drive every single day. Finding a good tarmac company isn’t too difficult a task in Glasgow; RM Kennedy & Sons are one of the experts in Scotland, having laid tarmac and asphalt for a great number of years. Whether you are a home owner, business owner or local council; these are the guys to speak to when looking for tarmac contractors. If you are seeking tarmac contractors in your local area, no matter how small a job, you should always ask to see examples of the work they have done and the prices they charge.

So what is tarmac?

Everyone on this planet, except those who have perhaps never left the Amazon, will have come into contact with tarmac. This well-known substance is found on driveways, paths, car parks and general roads. It is something we walk on or drive over every single day of our lives. This is here thanks to tarmac contractors.

The scientific name for the substance is actually tarmacadam – or asphalt. The reason it is so widely used is because of its durability and reliabilitytarmac is used on all major roads in the UK. Tarmac lasts for well over a decade, making it the go to material for roads which take a fair amount of use. For tarmac that is well taken care of and not used as much as main roads, tarmac that is laid out by a professional tarmac contractor can last as long as 35 years.

How is it laid?

Tarmac is essentially tar and broken stone. A professional tarmac company will mix and shape the substance on the desired area and will brush it out evenly to create a level surface area. The mixture at this stage is damp and sticky so a machine called a steam roller is taken over it to set the tarmac.

What is it used for?

Tarmac can be used in a wide variety of ways. Its diversity has been what has made it so popular. The most common uses for tarmac are:

  • patios
  • drainage work
  • drives
  • landscaping
  • re-surfacing
  • white lining
  • paving work
  • tarmac laying
  • asphalt repair
  • tarmac repair

These diverse uses make it easy to see why this substance has proved so popular with local councils and home owners throughout the UK. Any professional tarmac company will offer these services and more. These tarmac contractors make their livelihood out of improving the conditions of our roads and pavements.

What was before tarmac?

You probably can’t imagine a life before tarmac and that is because it has been around for so long. Before we used tarmac on our roads, the roads were maa tarmac company has finished work on a jobde of loose gravel and stones. You can imagine the chaos of that now, with so many cars being on the road.

Tarmac has since its invention, been a huge part of our daily lives. When we drive to work, it is over tarmac, when we walk down to the shops, it is over tarmac! Although there is yet to be a tarmac appreciation day, we will continue to worship the ground it allows us to drive over.