The jobs market can be a confusing place at the best of times. Each day thousands of applications are submitted and often only a fraction of that number even get looked at let alone invited to interview. This makes for depressing statistics. However thankfully there are a range of things that you can do so that you can best publicise your skills and talents and make yourself desirable to recruiters in your career field.

The Basics

Some of the most basic things that you can in preparation for your job applications are often things that are overlooked by many people.  Spellchecking your CV is an important first step as a CV filled with grammar mistakes gives a bad impression and is unlikely to get a second look. Another important check to do is looking over the structure of your CV itself. Often recruiters have to sift through hundreds of similar CVs with the same layout and overall structure just with slightly different information in each CV. A good way to get around this is to design your own template and experiment with structures until you find one that fits the bill. Its good practice to ask your friends or peers for advice on your CV and what they think of it. Further basic tasks you can do to improve your chances of being success include checking the job description as well as person specification. Although these checks may seem obvious they are often overlooked by many people. Wording your application so that it directly ties in with the criteria the recruiters are looking for is essential in order to fit the bill for the specific role that they are recruiting for. Often applications which have specifically tailored their wording more towards the job specification /role profile have a significantly higher chance of progressing overall.

Seeking The Best Fit For You

When choosing a future job , its important not just to consider the salary and the job title but also what you will be doing day to day and how much you think you will be engaged and fully focused on the job at hand. Often people join high paying roles only to find its not what they thought it was and are often faced with a lot of pressure , stress and heavy workloads due to the high profile of their role and the nature of their work. Therefore when seeking your next role it is important to find something that suits you specifically and your skills/talents. Another good way in which you can improve your chances of getting into your dream role is to study at the open university. This can  be fitted around your work and allows you to study part time in your spare time towards another qualification which could assist you in your job search. Overall to conclude there are a wide variety of different factors that you should consider when you are conducting your job search. Due to the increasing competitive nature of the jobs market as a whole it is only likely to get more difficult to progress to a different role in the near future.