young girl making duck face

If you want to look younger and more beautiful, facial exercises are an excellent choice. Facial muscle growth adds definition to the cheeks and counteracts the drooping and sliding of skin and fat tissue. You can even try doing exercises for your forehead and neck. Here are some exercises to try:

Cheek Lift

Facial exercises can give you a younger-looking appearance. Using repetitive motions and exaggerated facial expressions, they can tone and firm facial muscles. Performing facial exercises regularly can reverse sagging around the eyes and jaw. Fat pads often slide downward, but these exercises will prevent this from happening by building muscle. The results of facial exercises are instantaneous and permanent. The best part is, they are available to all people regardless of age or gender.

Face yoga

There are many different ways to use face yoga to look younger. You can practice it at home as well. Some of the most common exercises are the cheek lifter, lip sculpting, and forehead twist. The key is to practice these daily to see visible results. To perform the cheek lifter, open your mouth and make sure that your upper lip is over your teeth. Then, place your fingers on the top of your cheeks, lowering your cheek muscles as you do so. Another exercise that you can try is the happy cheek sculpting. Then, smile with pursed lips, slide your fingers up to your cheeks, and hold. Repeat three times each day for best results.

Fish Face

Performing Fish Face facial exercises can dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines on your face and reverse signs of aging on your lips. The Fish Face exercise involves puffing out your cheeks while sucking them in. Hold this pose for eight seconds before releasing it. It is particularly effective for reversing the appearance of crow’s feet. The Fish Face should be performed with closed or open eyes and your tongue out.

Forehead exercise

If you’re looking for a way to make your face look younger and have less wrinkles, a forehead exercise could be just the thing you need. Researchers at Northwestern University recently studied a program by Dr. Sikorski that promises to make the face look younger. The program requires about 30 minutes a day or more on alternate days, but it is well worth it. After just eight weeks, participants claimed to be three years younger.

Facefit by Dr Somji

If you are looking for a face lift, but are hesitant to undergo the procedure, you might want to try Facefit by Dr Somji, an exercise regime that tightens your skin without undergoing a surgical procedure. This innovative regimen is currently only available in Australia but British derms are hoping it will be available in the UK later this year. Aside from the facial exercises, Facefit also includes eyebrow exercises, which tone and firm the eyebrows. You can perform the exercises while applying your skincare.

At-home facial exercises

The basic blowfish exercise is a good way to tone the muscles that cause sagging skin and wrinkles on the face. Using the fingers of one hand, hook the corners of the mouth with the index finger and bring them outward an inch. Hold this position for five to 10 seconds. Then release your hand and repeat. Repeat this exercise 15 to 30 times. You will notice a dramatic improvement in your wrinkles and overall facial tone.