Any business involved in the movement of heavy weight products will already be aware of the difficulties they face in securing products effectively. In this era, with an influx of competition and the power consumers, it is now too big a risk to not invest in strapping/banding machines to secure and protect your products. In order to assist you in meeting the ever growing demands of your consumers there are various types of banding products which allow you to avoid any unexpected damages which occur during the transportation of products.

Banding Machines

A banding machine, also known as a strapping machine, is a tool which uses polypropylene strapping, polyester or steel banding in order to secure products which carry a significant amount of weight. These banding machines have many useful functions and can increase your production levels. It can often be confusing trying to decide which type of banding machine and material is appropriate for you. In this article we have gathered some information to help you make an informed decision.

Polypropylene Banding

Polypropylene strapping (PP Strapping) is probably the most common and widely used type of banding. Many of its characteristics make it the most popular. Firstly, it is a cheap material, it is also lightweight, easy to use and completely recyclable. The disadvantages to this type of strapping is that it can split easily and it has a low retained tension. This type of strapping is useful for banding any light weight pallets or bundling items.

Polyester Banding

Polyester strapping (PE strapping) is the most fixed of all banding options. It is less likely to stretch like PP strapping and tends to retain its strength over time. It is resistant to tears or damages which has made it a strong competitor to steel banding and many businesses have made the switch to PE strapping due to the competitive price it is sold at and the benefits it holds. It is useful for heavier pallet loads.

Steel Banding

Steel banding is as expected, the strongest and most robust of these three strapping materials. It is beneficial for use where high strength and low stretch is needed. It can also be useful for banding any products which may be of a high heat or sharp/jagged. The downside to this type of banding is that it is by far the most expensive and can be awkward to work with. This is why many companies are making the switch to polyester strapping.

Once you have decided which type of strapping to utilise you need to decide on an
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